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Restmoment Digital Infrared Simultaneous Interpreting - A Bridge of International Conferences

        “The West Lake in June, the scenery is not the same as the four seasons.” It is already June. To talk about the most important events in the past six months, we must mention the G7 summit supported by Restmoment simultaneous interpretation system. . The G7 is the mechanism for the heads of state or government of the seven most advanced industrialized countries to conduct consultations on major issues of common concern. As the active participant in the major international conferences, Restmoment continues to support the success of this conference.
       With the acceleration of the process of economic globalization, the relationship between countries has become increasingly close and the conference has become a bridge of communication between countries. However, the different cultures and languages among countries have also hindered good communication. In order to better promote the international community/ the integration of the exchanges, Restmoment digital infrared simultaneous interpretation system can be described as "a timely rain," to solve this problem.
       Taking the all-digital infrared radiator RX-H1032XP/35, the all-digital infrared receiving unit RX-E2008XP and the all-digital simultaneous interpretation translation station RX-E9208 shown at the G7 Summit as an example. At the important international conference where the selection requirements are so strict, why this system can stand out in many products?
       Full digital infrared radiator RX-H1032XP/35 adopts Restmoment’s all-digital conference technology, conforms to IEC 61603-7 and IEC 60914 standards. And it is compatible with other infrared interpreter systems conforming to IEC 61603-7, can be used interchangeably, and can be received simultaneously. The infrared controller generates the carrier signal and transmits to the infrared radiator through up to 32 channels of audio distribution channels. The diversification of the mounting modes makes the scene more inclusive, and can be installed with a tribrach landing, gimbal wall, or other methods. With manual full-power and half-power switching switches, a wide range of applications, can be easily applied to large, medium and small venues. Globally applicable universal power supply is more compatible. Cable transmission delay compensation function, delay compensation adjustment range from "00" to "99". At the same time can be connected to one or more high-frequency signal output interfaces of the infrared emission host. With the "hands-in-hand" connection, 30 infrared radiators can be connected to each output interface.

Full digital infrared radiator RX-H1032XP/35

       The all-digital infrared receiving unit RX-E2008XP used in the conference process adopts Restmoment's original all-digital infrared audio processing chip conference technology. The appearance is streamlined, exquisite design, small and exquisite, ergonomic, can receive 8 languages, with The channel selection, volume adjustment and power control switches are compatible with the infrared interpretation system according to IEC 61603-7 and can be used interchangeably. The new digital lock security function completely eliminates external malicious interference and eavesdropping, ensures the independence of the receiving device, and effectively ensures the privacy of the conference content. Channel separation, signal to noise ratio up to 102dB (A weighting), can perfectly solve the channel crosstalk, noise and other common common problems, with the automatic mute function (automatic silence when the received signal is too low, will not produce noise), Let the listener really feel the high quality of comfort and nature. Even if the signal is too low, high-quality audio signals can be guaranteed to be received. Use a backlit LCD display to ensure that receiver information is still clearly displayed in dark environments without any restrictions on the environment.

Full digital infrared receiver RX-E2008XP

        The full-digital audio decoding and digital audio compression technology full-digital interpretation translation station RX-E9208, equipped with 256 × 64 graphic LCD display, real-time display simultaneous interpretation of conference information and equipment status. Output sound quality is close to CD-grade sound quality Without compromising the clarity of human voice transmission. Units use one-line hand-in-hand connection, and one simultaneous interpretation host can connect 80 two-person translation stations. It can also be connected in a “ring hand in hand” connection. Failure or replacement of one translation unit will not affect the system work. With higher reliability, simultaneous 8-language (including native language) language simultaneous interpretation functions and monitoring functions can be performed. Working with the channel selector or infrared language distribution system, more listeners can participate in the conference. The same channel interlock function, with channel occupancy prompt function, to ensure the uniqueness of the channel. It can preset 5 channels of input languages and 3 channels of audio output channels, built-in IC card readers, and supports identification.

Full digital interpretation console RX-E9208

       Restmoments’ success in the industry is from its keen insight into the market and its dedication to digital conferences for many years. From small companies to large countries, Restmoment can do specific analysis of specific issues, tailor-made conference system solutions for customers and is well recognized by customers. Outstanding products and commitment to provide better services for users are still the top priority of Restmoment in the future.

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