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Restmoment’outstanding -Full digital high-end conference system

       Last time, I had introduced the powerful functions of Restmoment full digital simultaneous interpretation system. It can adapt to a variety of emergent situations, and provide true and exquisite CD-quality sound effects. Also it has multi-lingual switching, centralized control, and other functions. As we all know, simultaneous interpretation is only a part of the full digital conference system. As one of the first domestic manufacturers to enter the independent research and development digital conference system, Restmoment has been developing in China for 20 years. In 1998, Restmoment formally set foot in the conference system industry. After continuous development and expansion over the years, continuous learning and innovation has transformed full digital conference system from “Made in China” to “Created in China”, completely breaking the digital conference system. The situation monopolized by foreign brands has had a profound impact on the China Digital Conferencing System. It is one of the most highly professional enterprises in the full digital conference system industry. Restmoment has developed a variety of conference system products to adapt to different occasions. Now I would like to introduce one of the best-quality digital high-end conference systems.
       After 20 years of development, Restmoment has the most advanced conference system technology in the world, provided products and technical support for conferences in China and abroad, and cooperated with foreign brand companies. Restmoment understood the needs of the conference. Therefore, Restmoment created original digital conference technology and applied it to the company’s products, the full digital high-end conference system. It achieved conference sound reinforcement, speech voting, automatic tracking video positioning, conference discussion recording, simultaneous interpretation in 64 languages, and multimedia playback. And so on, for the conference to create a simple and good environment for discussion and communication, open and diversified conference system control allows the orderly progress of the meeting, truly efficient, intelligent office.


People's Congress of Xian you, Putian used RESTMOMENT conference system

China Unicom Shandong Branch installed RESTMOMENT conference system

The features of the system are introduced in following.
he full digital high-end conference system developed by Restmoment can be used into large, medium and small conferences halls.
1、The high-end conference controller has a high-speed RISC embedded digital processing hardware architecture and independent research and development chip, centralized control and management to ensure the stability of the system.
2、The use of digital processing technology, professional 6 pin cable connection, even if the long-distance transmission, it still guarantee the quality. The maximum distance is up to 150 meters.
3、Real-time monitoring, video tracking, and recording sessions enable participants to fully achieve the content and progress of the conference.
4、Through the expansion, it can have large capacity, and can connect 65535 units at the same time, also can record 2000 hours of audio.
5、"Y-line" connection, "distribution box hand in hand" and "ring hand in hand" a variety of connections, easy to install.
6、In order to meet the needs of modern high-level conferences, we have created a new conference unit that can be lifted and lowered, an embedded conference unit for handrails, and a button for discussion and video tracking.
7、Multi-channel digital audio transmission technology, we are the first to complete the digital conference system and conference attendance system, intelligent central control system, with independent intellectual property rights.

Full digital conference controller RX-V3.3 series

Full digital extension controller RX-K3.3 series

Lift/down embeded conference unit RX-D6800

Full digital armrest embedded voting conference unit RX-6815 series

Full digital wired tabletop conference unit RX-6640 series

Full digital armrest conference unit RX-6810 series

       The completion of a quality product requires the perfect combination of various components. This full digital high-end conference system can be outstanding in the domestic and international conferences. And it gets the trust of the cooperative users. All of these are from the Restmoment's excellence in every detail.

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