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The most distinctive product in Restmoment——Full digital interpretation system

       With China’s rising in the world, its unique market resources have attracted many foreign investors. However, language barriers have become the biggest obstacle. In recent years, Restmoment has been working hard to develop full digital simultaneous interpretation system which enables investors and businessmen from various countries to communicate.
       The full digital simultaneous interpretation system independently developed by Restmoment which adopts digital audio decoding and digital audio compression technology. The output sound quality is close to the CD quality. Also it has multi-language simultaneous interpretation and monitoring functions. It made several appearances in domestic and international conferences, the ASEAN Think Tank Strategic Dialogue Forum, the 14th China-ASEAN Expo, the 13th China-Russia-Mongolia Economic and Trade Fair, and the 3rd and 4th World Internet Conferences. It achieved good feedbacks from cooperative customers. It also obtained hundreds of patents. The full digital simultaneous interpretation system consists of a translation controller, an infrared controller, receiving units, and translation consoles.

The 4th World Internet Conference

10th China-ASEAN Think Tank Strategic Dialogue Forum

The 13th China-Russia-Mongolia Economic and Trade Fair

       "If a worker wants to do something well, he must first sharpen his tools." Now we would like to give you a brief introduction for this product. The full digital simultaneous interpretation system adopts Restmoment original full digital conference technology and conforms to the IEC60914 international standard. After the company's R&D team upgrading according to market feedback, it developed this product that can adapt to various situations.

1、Powerful functions
       Full digital simultaneous interpretation system has point-to-point access method, even if the equipment is separated by 150 meters. Long-distance transmission does not decay. The listener can clearly accept the translation content, and the voice to be expressed to the interpreter, close to the CD sound quality. Even if there are interpreters who cannot understand the language of the original channel, coughing, and excessive speed, they can respond in time. Eight simultaneous interpretation and monitoring functions can be performed simultaneously. It can preset 5 channels of input languages and 3 channels of audio output channels, built-in IC card reader, support identification, etc.

Full digital 8 channel interpretation console RX-E9208

2. Many languages and switch freely
       Restmoment independently researches and develops the full digital 8-channel interpretation controller RX-M9108. It has built-in language names from more than 200 countries. The names of the listening channels can be independently displayed on the LCDs of all units. Chinese and English menus are displayed.

Full digital 8 channel interpretation controller RX-M9108

3. A variety of conference modes, centralized control
       Conference mode, emergency mode, and leisure mode are available in different situations. The full digital 8-channel infrared controller is the core device of Restmoment full digital infrared language distribution system. It has a digital or analog audio input interface, and supports simultaneous input of 8 unbalanced audio signals. The infrared simultaneous interpretation system conforms to IEC61603-7 standard. Also it can be used interchangeably with other brands which conforms to IEC61603-7. Through the front panel five-dimensional navigation keyboard, with 2.8-inch LCD display, you can achieve centralized control of all infrared conference functions.

Full digital 8 channel infrared controller RX-M1008XP

4. Adapt to different scale venues
       With manual full-power and half-power switch, it can be used in large, medium and small venues, Infrared radiator has 32-channel audio distribution channels. It is compatible with IEC 61603-7 infrared transmission system, and can be used interchangeably. One or more high-frequency signal output interfaces that can be connected to the infrared controller. With the "hands-in-hand" connection, each output interface can connect 30 infrared radiators.

Full digital infrared radiator RX-H1032XP/25

5. Independent double languages interpretation console
       Independent double languages translation console adopts full digital audio coding technology and digital audio decompression technology, CD sound quality ensures the best listening and output levels.

Full digital double languages interpretation console RX-E9002XP

6. Full digital infrared receiver
       Full digital infrared receiving unit can receive 8 languages. And it can compatible with other infrared systems which conforms to IEC 61603-7 standard, and can be used interchangeably. It breaks the fixed frequency transmission and receiving modes of traditional analog systems. It adopts the 2--8 MHz frequency band and aviods the interference from the high-frequency drive light source. It has new digital lock security function, which completely eliminate external malicious interference and eavesdropping, to ensure the independence of the receiving device.

Full digital 8 channel infrared receiver RX-E2008XP

       Restmoment was established in 1998 and has 20 years history. It is one of the earliest manufacturers of independent research and development conference systems in China. It has been focusing on the field of conference systems for many years. The above digital simultaneous interpretation system is the company's most distinctive product. And it has achieved a good reputation in the industry. With the trust of customers in China and abroad, the company always pays attention to the development of domestic and international technologies. The company's R&D team continues to innovate and develop its ingenuity.

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