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Why Restmoment simultaneous interpretation system can not copy in large scale?
       Simultaneous interpretation, talking about the word, many people are known as it is a high-income and rare groups ... and so on. Today we are not talking about simultaneous interpretation translators, but a rich high Technology equipment - simultaneous interpretation system equipment!
       With the development of world integration, all countries have friendly exchanges. Simultaneous interpretation systems are widely used in many fields such as international conferences, diplomatic and foreign affairs, meetings and negotiations, business activities, news media, training and lectures, television broadcasting and international arbitration. Simultaneous interpretation system used in various fields, is composed of interpretation controller, infrared controller, translator console, receiver and headset, translation rooms and so on. Infrared simultaneous controller is the core of the entire system to complete the system settings, connections, control, information processing and other series actions. Infrared simultaneous interpretation equipment is now the mainstream in the market, and the most common way is infrared transmission. Well, we will introduce it in the following.
Restmoment infrared simultaneous interpretation system
All products are supported by talent
Can not copy in large scale

1、- Full range of products. -
       Let's look at what kind of product line from Restmoment? Including simultaneous interpretation system, high-end conferencing systems, electronic voting systems, digital court audio systems and other digital conferencing systems related equipment. While most digital conference brand companies are still in the process of selling a single product to meet the single needs of users, Restmoment has taken the lead in completing the full range of products, maximizing domestic and foreign markets, products and services. The construction of product lines into the cultural construction of enterprises: Simultaneous interpretation system is not only an important part of the product line of Restmoment digital conference systems, but also the perfect complementary product for the market. Today, Restmoment catchs up the upgrading of consumption and service. Over the years, Restmoment depends on high-quality product quality and perfect after-sales service to get popular consumer favor. Its partners throughout the country and overseas.
2、- Fully independent research and development-
       Restmoment was founded in 1998 which had 19 years history. In this 19 years of development, Restmoment already has nearly a hundred patents. All Restmoment products are self-developed, with their own core technology. The key of market success is the products, as the core of the products is the technology. Restmoment products are supported by talent, since it is difficult to find a similar team to do the same thing - product development! Every year, Restmoment invests a lot in research and development. At least we ensure that more than two new products to market each year.
Restmoment simultaneous interpretation system is promoted as an independent research and development, production, after repeated testing, feedback, research out, and in practical applications. Participants are free to choose their own language channels. Restmoment simultaneous interpretation equipment with high-fidelity audio has been very good reputation in the industry.

Full digital 8 channel interpretation controller RX M9108

Full digital 8 channel interpretation console RX-E9208

Full digital double interpretation console RX-E9002XP

3、- Technical highlights -
       With the everyday changing technical methods, the old technical methods and old cognition of things are constantly being broken. Restmoment digital infrared simultaneous system breaks the traditional analog system fixed frequency transceiver mode. It uses 2-8MHz band, and aviod high-frequency driver light source interference; Full digital interpretation controller using Restmoment original full-digital Audio decoding and digital audio compression technology, with IEC60914 international standards; Infrared radiators can receive the carrier signal generated by the infrared controller and transmit the signals through up to 32 audio distribution channels. Also it can compatible with the IEC 61603-7 standard Communication system, and can be cross-used. Restmoment is a simultaneous interpretation device designed for multilingual conferences, delivering up to 32 audio channels simultaneously, meeting the needs of a wide range of languages and music.

Full digital infrared receiver RX-E2032XP

Infrared Controller RX-M1008XP

Infrared Radiator RX-H1032XP/25

Movable Interpretation Double Room RX-2W900PA
       Restmoment simultaneous interpretation system is easy to install, easy to use, easy to operate which is used in the 14th China ASEAN Expo, the second China - Russia Innovation Investment Forum, ECO summit, Third World Internet Conference and other large conference venues. It can be widely used in interpreters, lectures, multi-language conferences and other small, medium and large venues. It is easy to understand regardless of the nationality of the participants.
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